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Lemon Yellow Moon

There's a beautiful little tree in my garden, I called it Adele, in honor of the child who was born in the same period I've planted it. Adele is a Lunar Lemon, an almost continuous flowering plant.

It has the ability to flower and fructify to all the moons so it blooms and bears fruit practically every month of the year.

Like a real woman, Adele has her "period".

It's incredible the abundance of flowers and fruits that a well-cultivated Lunar Lemon can get to produce during the year, including winter.

“Like a real woman, Adele has her 'period'. It has nothing to do with the mood swings or ups and downs of life but with its particularity, rare among the plants, to bloom again with each new moon."

For this reason, the Lunar Lemon, is also known as "the Lemon of the four seasons" since it is possible to see its fruits practically throughout the year.

It's amazing to live in a land where you can smell flower's scent also in winter.

This land is Sicily.

Here, trees have names and souls. They are male or female, ancient and young, gentle and delicate or rude and infesting.

In Sicily, trees are like people: you can read the story of the island on their skins.

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