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Arab by birth, with a millenary history of travels, encounters and contaminations, Biancomangiare has spanned the centuries keeping intact its candor as a simple dessert.

We have dedicated our new lip balm based on almond oil and beeswax to him. Emollient, regenerating, smoothing, plumping and nourishing, with a high content of Vitamin E. Its eudermic properties give it a high affinity towards the hydrolipidic film that naturally and gently rebalances. Odorless and tasteless, a perfect balm for everyone: men, women and children, to return to truly nourish our body starting from our lips, hotbeds of love and words.

We pay so much attention to what we eat - organic, vegan, 0 km, etc ... - and very little to what we put on our lips, as if both things did not end up in the exact same place, that is inside the our body.

It is not so?

Even in your small daily gestures, such as the hydration of your lips, let yourself be guided by the wisdom of Nature.

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