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"There’s a starman waiting in the sky

He’d like to come and meet us

But he thinks he’d blow our minds

There’s a starman waiting in the sky

He’s told us not to blow it

Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

He told me:

Let the children lose it

Let the children use it

Let all the children boogie "

I always had a Starman inside me, perhaps because I never stopped dreaming, even in the darkest moments, where there seemed to be no more stars. I've always had the vision, sometimes too vivid, especially in my creations. Here is who Starman is for me, my muse, that creative movement that guides my hand in the momentary and apparent drowsiness of my active conscience.


Then Rossella arrived.

In the years preceding the meeting with the man who would become my husband, there have been, here and there, clumsy attempts to introduce myself to "the right man". Those "dinners to make us meet" that opened more and more windows on a horizon now clear to my intimate predisposition to "I do not like", that is: no one had ever really understood my tastes, id est: no one had ever really understood me.

But all the rules have an exception and, not only did I fall in love with a man who, in all probability, would never have been invited to those dinners (and this is not the exception but the confirmation of the thesis of total misunderstanding of which above) but that man - and this is the exception - was able to read me so well that he set up the one date that, so far, really seems to have worked. The one with Rossella, in fact.


Rossella is a Sicilian cosmetologist, she produces cosmetics for a private laboratory. We met when our respective comrades thought it was good and right for us to meet. At that time I was timidly trying to produce essential oils with herbs from my garden and a professional distiller for which I had to sign a cross on my heart oath that I would never, ever in my life, produce grappa and the like with that machine from pleasure. It was clear, especially for my husband, that I needed the help of an expert hand. And hence the meeting.

Rossella in the laboratory. Notice: What she proudly holds in her hand is not a 5 kg ice cream drum.

I've always fallen in love with special women. We all are, but only for those who know how to recognize it. And for me, special women are those with goals and passions, that if you look them in the eyes, infinite worlds of dreams and projects and thoughts and stories and visions, things read, hidden thoughts, enchanted worlds that perhaps really exist, in short, open up to you. women who are not afraid to walk on their own legs and make their way, without having the time to judge others or listen to the judgment of others. Amazons, in short, and not because they are warriors, but because they are still in close contact with Nature, the nourishing Mother of wisdom, compassion and alchemical visions.

With a research thesis for the University of Ferrara with the help of ESA and NASA on cleansing in space, Rossella Valenza graduated in Cosmetology continuing on Earth a research in the field of sustainable cosmetics for the environment.

In short, it could only be love at first sight.


A problem with astronauts in space is the lack of water available in their spacecraft (the purists of the astronautical vocabulary will not want any if I call them 'spacecraft' but I come from the planet ET, at most X-files, and I really don't know how other call them). Water shortage, I said, which is the same problem we have here on Earth.

This is why Rossella's research is increasingly urgent and I decided to support her by creating a line of natural products with her, which tell about our land, Sicily, taking care of our body and the environment, protecting its resources.

This is how this new chapter of Inkakì starts again, with a Bath Therapy section dedicated to products of the highest cosmetological profile, based on natural ingredients used in the laboratory by skilled hands, to combine the new protocols of professional cosmetics with a necessary and now essential ethics of safeguarding our health and the environment.

Dreams and projects of two dreaming women are in the pipeline who begin to materialize with a first pilot product, a Body Mousse dedicated to our Mediterranean Macchia with a low content of surfactants and rich in essential oils of typical plants of our island. The very high percentage of distilled water of Roman chamomile, the extracts of calendula flowers and aloe vera leaves give it particular soothing and restorative properties suitable for reactive and sensitive skin, the essential oils of lavender and rosemary and the notes of lemon balm make its calming and invigorating aromatic profile.

It is a dip from the highest peak into the blue sea of ​​Sicily. You immediately feel that regenerating freshness. Yet there is still all the strength of the woods of the Mediterranean scrub up there, beyond the cliff from which we have just dived free. There is rosemary and there is lavender, and there is all the strength of their roots firmly in the red, fertile and Mother earth. Only Mediterranean essential oils for a cleansing that recalls the ancient Roman thermal baths, and based on natural ingredients, for total respect for our body and our Earth.

A journey through new textures, ancient scents that blend with the softness of a hammam, a journey into ancient Sicily, among the steam caves immersed in the Mediterranean scrub that envelops ancestral stories of profound truth.

This is where the Stars have taken us, on our Earth. Because it is only by daring to detach ourselves from the tangible everyday life that the dream materializes, somewhere, in the infinite Universe, to return like a boomerang to break through our lives, in that same everyday life that we had the courage to abandon without the fear of fathers but with the sparkle in the hearts of their children.

“If we can sparkle

he may land tonight

Don’t tell your poppa

or he’ll get us locked up in fright”.


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