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The natural sponge, called Spongiae Officinalis or Mediterranean Archipelago, fished in the sea of Lampedusa, has important health properties: it is exfoliating and its particular alveolar structure helps to expel the many bacteria that instead lurk in the normal sponges of daily use. Its delicacy, the natural substances contained in it and its eco-sustainability, make the sponge naturale_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b_b_bad5c3-136bd7-136bd7-136bd7-56fcc5 makeup but especially for skincare.

But what are sea sponges?

In fact, as they do not possess vital organs, they could be considered plants to all intents and purposes, but since they do not carry out chlorophyll photosynthesis and feed on currents, they are classified as animals.

Fishing for these sponges takes place by cutting and not by uprooting. In this way, behaving just like a plant, this sponge grows back even more vital and florid than before. The sponge colonies of the Mediterranean, in fact, are protected by strict regulations that monitor fishing methods and determine the resting periods of the colonies.

The sea sponge, as a skincare accessory, brings added value to the daily routine thanks to its multiple uses and benefits. In fact, it can be used as a make-up remover, effectively eliminating make-up without rubbing, or to apply make-up, such as foundation. Furthermore, its light exfoliating action on the skin helps eliminate the grayness of dry skin. Also suitable for the most sensitive and sensitized skin, thanks to the minimal friction it exerts it can also be used on the eye contour area.

In short, known for thousands of years by the population of the island for its incredible beneficial properties, the sea sponge of Lampedusa is an essential accessory for a healthy and eco-sustainable authentic beauty care.

They are biodegradable and, if properly stored, they last up to 1 year. We recommend that you rinse the sponge well after use and let it dry in the air, not in the sun.

The dimensions of each sponge can vary but generally they are between 9 and 12 cm.



Velvety cleansing body mousse with low surfactant content. The very high content of distilled water of Roman chamomile, the extracts of calendula flowers and aloe vera leaves give it particular soothing and restorative properties suitable for reactive and sensitive skin, the essential oils of lavender, rosemary and lemon balm make its profile calming and invigorating aromatic. How to use: apply on wet skin with circular movements from the bottom up, rinse with warm water, dab the skin with a cotton cloth.

This mousse was born from a research thesis for the University of Ferrara with the help of ESA and NASA on cleansing in space. One problem of astronauts in space is the shortage of water available to them, the same problem we have here on Earth. For this reason, this research is increasingly urgent and we have decided to support it by creating a line of natural products, which tell about our land, Sicily, taking care of our body and the environment, protecting its resources. The body cleansing mousse is composed of natural ingredients, in liquid format, with 80% distilled water of Roman chamomile recovered from other processes. The foamer transforms this liquid into mousse, making it unnecessary to use water to create the foam. Also for this reason this mousse is perfect for the summer, because it is a fast way with minimal environmental impact for cleansing away from home, camping or at the beach. In addition, its essential oils create a wild scent and give the skin a unique sensation, like a dip from the highest peak into the blue sea of Sicily. You immediately feel that regenerating freshness. Yet there is still all the strength of the woods of the Mediterranean Macchia, up there, beyond the cliff from which we have just dived free. There is rosemary and there is lavender, and there is all the strength of their roots firmly in the red, fertile and Mother earth. Only Mediterranean essential oils for a cleansing that recalls the ancient Roman thermal baths, and based on natural ingredients, for the total respect of our body and our Earth.

A journey through new textures, ancient scents that blend with the softness of a hammam, a journey into ancient Sicily, among the steam caves immersed in the Mediterranean scrub that envelops ancestral stories of profound truth.





Mediterranean cleansing - Cleansing mousse + natural sponge


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