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We are inspired by memories, by the epiphanies with which some objects make our hearts tremble. Proust called them "madeleines", small sweets of which, every time he smelled them, he was reminded of sweet memories of a peaceful childhood. This is the power of things, because there is little to say inanimate when instead they manage to move memories and emotions in us. With this Squeezer Tubetto of other times, we want to return to that anti-waste Sicily, which squeezed the juice of things to the bone because "Abbunnanza unn'ha fattu mai famia", yes, but if you know "savari", put part and do not waste. An object that recalls the keys of grandmothers' pantries, in stainless steel with goldsmith's engraving with the traditional technique for gold and silver. Because often what makes an object precious is the care we dedicate to it.

Squeeze anti-waste tube to use our hand cream with aluminum tube until the last drop and more! In fact this object is compatible with the other tubes on the market.

Squeezer Tube


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